When I came to see Dr. Stephen Wander, my AC1 was 7.9, and in 45 days it has lowered down to 6.6, I have lost 20 pounds, my cholesterol, I had to lower my cholesterol because it was too high. When I came over here I thought I was going to starve on all this different – healthy food and stuff, it wasn’t like that – I was eating like crazy, six times a day, I didn’t starve. Food was good. Little by little, I had time to figure out what I gotta eat, I started cooking some good stuff, really good. My medicine, I noticed – I checked my sugar twice a day,  it was low, I started taking some of my medicines, my shots, I didn’t want to go to bed, something happened while I was sleeping, my sugar went real low, so myself I started taking off medicines, I went to doctor and I told her I stopped taking it, because it was too low, I am glad I did. In 45 days Dr. Wander says I have done really good.

So I have 45 days more to do, hopefully I get to my goal and stop taking all these medicines, I was skeptical when I started program, when I first came in so far so good,  everything is working out good, didn’t starve at all.