My name Kyu Yoon and I have been living in Bethesda Maryland for over 50 years. I came to Dr. Wander’s program about 3 months ago. In Dec. year of 2014. And I am very glad to be a patient of his. I came with baseline when I came to Dr. Wander was 7.4A1C, and 3 mos later,my baseline on A1C it is 6.5. Everything is going great. My Vital is in perfect balance. And it’s because all of Dr. Wander’s guidance. And everything that Dr. Wander have asked me to do and follow has been a wonderful journey. The diet is something that I really like to consume everyday, and I will have this knowledge forever so I know what to eat, and what to do and what not to eat so that I can maintain a very healthy balanced lifestyle.This is definitely a proven program for anyone who have diabetes. I am very grateful for Dr. Wander’s guidance and his staff.