Hi, I’m Mindy and I’m a patient of Dr. Wander at the Integrated Health Center of Maryland. I came in here because I was tired, I was aching all over. I had terrible allergies, I had thyroid issues and I have now been in a week into this program and it’s amazing how much better I feel in just two weeks time. About the fourth day into this program, I woke up in the morning and I’m used to wake up feeling aching and with puffy eyes and a stuffed up head. And I woke up and I did not ache all over and my stuffed up head was not stuffed up. And I looked to the mirror and I my face was not puffy. That’s a real difference, I can’t remember when the last time was when I woke up feeling as good as that, and rested too. Often, I don’t feel rested, I felt very rested. This is only the first week.