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Fitness Kit consists of Cardio Health Essentials, Exercise Gel, and Nutritional Shake. Combined, they boost energy naturally, support muscular gains and recovery, and prevent injury and fatigue.

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Cardio Health Essentials:
This stick-pack beverage supports the entire circulatory system and delivers incredible healing benefits in just one serving. With nitric oxide, L-arginine, L-citrulline, and CoQ10, this powerful formula provides a natural energy boost as the perfect pre-workout drink that supports muscular gains and recovery.

Exercise Gel:
Exercise Gel helps get your blood moving the all-natural way. Before exercise, this innovative gel warms muscles and increases circulation. You should use this product before physical activity, or at any other time you need a circulatory boost.

Nutritional Shake:
This quick-and-easy post-workout shake provides a perfect blend of protein, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and probiotics. The high-quality whey comes from New Zealand and is casein- and lactose-free, with zero sugar. Taken after your workout, the 20 grams of protein (per serving) will help your muscles to heal and aid in post-workout recovery.


  • Boosts energy naturally
  • Supports muscular gains and recovery
  • Helps prevent injury and fatigue


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