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ANTI-INFLAMMATORY GEL is unique gel that helps to calm muscle and nerve pain using natural ingredients that increase circulation and reduce inflammation

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ANTI-INFLAMMATORY GEL This unique gel helps to calm muscle and nerve pain using natural ingredients – capsaicin and camphor – that increase circulation and reduce inflammation. Studies show that those who use capsaicin-based gels report less pain and less difficulty performing daily activities such as sleeping and walking. INSTRUCTIONS: • SUPPLEMENT PACKETS Take two supplement packets per day.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY GEL Apply to affected areas as needed for symptom relief.
NUTRITIONAL SHAKE This candida-friendly shake mixes instantly with water and can be used as a perfectly balanced meal replacement when you are on the go. The Solutions4 Nutritional Shake can also be a part of a healthy weight loss program by becoming a substitute for two out of three meals a day while providing essential nutrients to the body.
Available in chocolate and vanilla.
Features and Benefits: • Easy mixing • 2 great tasting flavors • No artificial sweeteners • Lactose, soy, casein, and gluten-free • Candida friendly • Faster Weight Loss • Increased Health • Optimal Daily Nutrition Support


  • Helps to reduce inflammation and maximize relief from chronic pain
  • Addresses your patients’ immediate pain symptoms and supports long-term nutritional rebuilding


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