BioG-Max Resveratrol



Resveratrol supports cardiovascular health, immune function, blood vessel health, healthy aging, has anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

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Benefits of Resveratrol Include:

  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Supports immune function
  • Supports blood vessel health
  • Neuroprotective properties
  • Supports healthy aging
  • Intraoral delivery for best systemic availability
  • Easy to dispense and take directly from the bottle

Biogenetix’s BioG-Max Resveratrol Nanosphere Delivery System brings the power of intravenous therapy into a convenient oral delivery.

In addition to exceptional absorption rates, nanospheres like these have demonstrated the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, deposit their cargo intracellularly and enter lymphatic circulation.


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